Community Awareness Bulletin

Community Awareness Bulletin: PDI Bulk has been in business since 1988; offering full service bulk trucking services, with diversification in logistics solutions; operating rail to bulk truck trans-loading terminals, warehousing and packaging facilities in all key markets across Canada with a North American delivery scope, as well as offering a wide variety of supplemental services such as blending, silo storage, land tank storage, and screening, importing / exporting to name a few.

The safety of all persons, the environment, and the community is a core value at PDI Bulk.

Part of the commitment to our employees, sub-contractors, the environment and the communities in which PDI Bulk operates, is to provide assurances the activities performed at our facilities are done so in a safe manner.

To this end PDI Bulk maintains a Health and Safety and Quality Management System which are maintained under our ISO 9001 Certification, assuring consistent policies and procedures have been developed, maintained and implemented for all activities performed at any of our Terminals across Canada. This Quality Program also incorporates the requirements of the Responsible Distribution Canada (RDC) Code of Practice, which defines the requirements needed to ensure distribution of chemical services is performed in a safe and efficient manner.

The liquid chemical division of PDI Bulk do not manufacture chemical products, and are only responsible for the trans-loading of customer supplied product to the customer. PDI Bulk, however, is committed to ensure services will not be offered unless it can be performed in accordance with the RDC Code of Practice.

All PDI Bulk Liquid facilities have undergone a complete hazard and risk assessment, which took into consideration the effects on the employees, the environment and the community. The result of these assessments resulted in policies and procedures being developed and implemented, and cover all feasible environmental solutions, including water treatment facilities, contained yards, concrete and asphalt surfacing, transfer areas for spill containment, dedicated collection and drainage systems and storage tanks to collect material prior to determining disposition. PDI Bulk has implemented on-site emergency response team(s) trained in spill response and contracted with a third party emergency response company should an emergency occur. Additionally, for the protection of all persons, these sites include video surveillance (some with perimeter monitoring). All sites are fenced and have gates with access control.

Although, PDI Bulk does not manufacture any chemicals, as a Partner of RDC, we continue to uphold the RDC objectives for environmental, societal, and economic sustainability, accountability to the public regarding risks and benefits, respect of all people, continuous improvement and work towards effective laws which will meet or exceed them in letter and spirit, and is committed to the RDC® Code of Practice, as it relates to all aspects of the distribution of chemicals, chemical products, and chemical services.

PDI Bulk is committed to, and will:
1. Distribute chemicals, chemical products, and provide warehousing, trans-loading and transportation services in a safe and secure manner which protects people and the environment;

2. Make available to employees, contractors, transporters, visitors, sub-distributors and resellers, interested members of the community and emergency first responders any and all information about the hazards associated risks of chemicals, chemical products and services which PDI Bulk provides; enabling them to use and dispose of these chemicals and chemical products in a responsible manner.

The safety of all persons, the environment, and the community is a core value at PDI Bulk. Should you have any questions, or concerns, you are encouraged to contact PDI Bulk at 519-837-4535