Rail Transloading

PDI Bulk is Canada’s one-stop-shop for polymer, chemical, and food industries with ISO registered services and a national rail transloading network to handle essential products sustainably.

ISO 9001 Accredited Services

PDI Bulk provides customers with ISO 9001 accredited services, an extensive network, dedicated technology, and a dedicated team offering unmatched professional support.

We are experts in providing secure and timely service to major commodity consumer market areas. Working with our dedicated freight brokerage division, PDI Logistics, we are able to provide comprehensive logistics services across the country, we are able to offer warehousing, packaging and blending, storage, testing, and the importing and exporting of food products.

The Most Sustainable Transportation Model

PDI Bulk’s rail transloading services provide the most sustainable transportation model for our customers. We own and operate rail terminals which ensures that, when rail cars enter the ecosystem, we can provide timely management and efficient end-to-end transportation solutions.

We aim to reduce our environmental impact as responsible stewards of your products and our environment. By providing end-to-end solutions on one site, we avoid additional travel, costs, and transportation impacts on the environment.

PDI Bulk provides the most sustainable transportation model, because of our rail services, our processes, and our integrated checks and certifications. All the work can be performed on one site thereby avoiding additional travel, costs, and transportation impacts on the environment.

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PDI’s approach to responsible essential service transloading.

Rail Transloading Services

PDI Bulk is proud to be one of the largest and most diverse service providers to serve the polymer, chemical, and food industry.

Each year, we handle in excess of 1.5 billion pounds of foods, polymers, and chemicals that service multiple sectors, including food, automotive, pharmaceutical, medical, building products, and consumer goods.

Warehousing & Services

We provide an extensive range of services and customized solutions to ensure that every aspect of your products’ transportation needs are met. Everything from warehousing to packaging, blending, dry and liquid storage, lab testing, and tanker washing, can be arranged to accommodate your shipment.

Yard Security

All PDI Bulk facilities employ security measures, including barbed wire fences and alarm systems. All terminals are equipped with night lighting for safety and security, and all have video surveillance.


We own and operate all of our specialized equipment, trucks, and rail cars and we ensure that they are maintained and cleaned to the highest standards.

Maintenance facilities are located in Montreal, QC and Guelph, ON. Our fleet is monitored by an automated system which directly communicates with dispatch to ensure 100% on-time scheduling of maintenance, repair requests, and annual safeties.

Woman with barcode reader in warehouse


PDI Bulk has worked to develop a seamless customer experience with our RF barcode technology for accurate inventory loading, tracking, and invoicing.

Additionally, we have a Customer Portal which allows our customers to:

  • Viewing paperwork via the Customer Portal
  • Checking inventory
  • Placing an order
  • Tracking deliveries in real time
  • Accessing paperwork for any order, live or historical
  • Receiving automated reports via email
  • Auto-populating bill of ladings and associated paperwork