Tanker Wash Bay Facilities

Take advantage of PDI Bulk’s integrated tanker wash bay facilities at locations across the country to ensure your products are free from contamination.

Tanker Wash Bays Across Canada

PDI Bulk operates 8 tanker wash facilities across the country. This integrated service allows our bulk trucking customers to benefit from greater flexibility in delivery times and security from product contamination.

Our tanker wash capabilities include:

  • Wash one bulk tanker, or two ISO containers at one time
  • Headspace purge system before opening hatches
  • 90 IG per minute wash @ 200 PSI wash system (10 minute wash cycles)
  • Ability to adjust cycle timing, if necessary
  • 140 degree to 160 degree wash water
  • Auto start/stop system after controlled metering wash cycle
  • Caustic holding tanks
  • Detergent holding tanks
  • 5% caustic injection system
  • Detergent injection system
  • Waste treatment system for caustic effluent
  • Waste treatment system for detergent effluent
  • Effluent containment holding tanks
  • Rinse water holding tanks
  • Treated water reuse tank
  • Emergency containment/holding tanks in the event of accidental discharge
  • Room is outfitted with a ‘white wall’ insulated roof and exterior wall
  • Facility is ‘food grade clean’
  • Class 1 Div 1 wash bay with blow-out wall
  • Ability to handle flammables, some setup required
  • Clean room for inspections of ISO containers

18635 96 Ave, Surrey, BC V4N 3P6, Canada

Tanker Wash Bay Locations

PDI Bulk has tanker wash bays in Guelph, ON, Streetsville, ON, Lachine QC, Montreal East, QC, Edmonton, AB, and Vancouver, BC.