What We Transport

PDI Bulk is Canada’s one-stop-shop for polymer, chemical, and food industries, with our ISO 9001 services and transloading of essential products across our national network.

PDI Bulk is proud to be one of the largest and most diverse service providers to serve the polymer, chemical, and food industry.

Each year, we handle in excess of 1.5 billion pounds of foods, polymers, and chemicals, provide a full range of chemical handling services, and transload key ingredients for the food industry.

We are committed to providing the most sustainable transportation model with our rail services, processes, and integrated checks and certifications.

Click below to watch Vice President, Rick Standish discuss
PDI’s approach to responsible essential service transloading.

Transloading of Polymers

PDI operates dedicated trans-load pumping systems for multiple polymer product lines. Our pneumatic pumps allow PDI to pre-load our tankers, increasing on-time deliveries to our customers. Couple this with a diverse fleet of tandem, tridem, quad and five axle tankers we can deliver cusotmers products in the most sustainble fashion anywhere in North America.

Transloading of Chemicals

PDI Bulk’s state-of-the-art liquid transloading terminals and range of chemical handling services ensures the safe, secure, and responsible delivery of commodities across Canada.

Transloading of Foods

PDI Bulk provides a dynamic range of services for the food industry from transloading to packaging to warehousing and logistics. We provide unmatched solutions for our customers.