Packaging & Blending

PDI Bulks offers high-quality packaging and efficient blending services using the highest standards of ISO 9001 product handling, Responsible Distribution, and Operation Clean Sweep.

Packaging Facilities

PDI Bulk operates packaging facilities across the country. By servicing our warehouses with rail transloading, we are able to increase the efficiency of our packaging operation by eliminating a step in the supply chain and packaging directly from our customers’ railcars. We are also able to package from tankers.

100,000,000 +

Pounds packaged for the polymer, chemical, and food customers annually

400,000 +

Pounds of simultaneous blending capability for polymer and chemical customers

Quality Packaging

PDI’s Guelph Blending Facility has installed 14 dry bulk blenders and Peabody blenders with PLC technology to control blending and ensure a 99% accurate blend. Our blenders average a 60,000 lb capacity (total 360,000 lb capacity, equal to 2 railcars) with the ability to be fed from both railcars and trucks. Blended products can also be top-loaded to dry bulk tankers and/or railcars.

Seamless Blending

Packaging services include 700 kg cartons, 25 kg bags, 500 kg to 1000 kg super sacks, 45 gallon drums, 1000 kg intermediate bulk containers (IBC). PVC, PE, PP, PS, lube oil, transformer oil, oxidizers, and more. Specialized products can also be packaged upon request.

Professional Storage

We operate silos in Guelph, ON and Montreal, QC. Each silo can hold up to a full railcar’s worth of capacity. Our total storage capacity exceeds 12,000,000 pounds, and our silos can be used to accommodate storage of polymers in the event of supplier demurrage and post-polymer blending.