Bulk Trucking

PDI Bulk is an ISO 9001 one-stop-shop service provider for polymer, chemical, and food industries, with a national network to handle essential products sustainably.

ISO 9001 Accredited Services

PDI Bulk provides customers with ISO 9001 accredited services, an extensive network, dedicated technology, and a dedicated team offering unmatched professional support.

We are experts in providing secure and timely service to major commodity consumer market areas. Working with our dedicated freight brokerage division, PDI Logistics, we are able to provide comprehensive logistics services across the country, we are able to offer warehousing, packaging and blending, storage, testing, and the importing and exporting of food products.

Bulk Distribution

Offering one of the largest and most diverse service offerings for the polymer, chemical, and food industry, PDI Bulk has you covered. With head offices, terminals, and warehousing locations across the country, we are the premier bulk distribution company that can accommodate your business from A-Z in the supply chain.

Pre-Loading Services

To provide our customers with the most efficient and cost-effective services, PDI Bulk pre-loads 90% of our deliveries. Pre-loading tankers helps to reduce time-to-delivery, allows our trucks to conduct more turns within legal hours of service as drivers are not spending time loading, and it ensures that we can handle emergency loads more expediently.

Bulk Trucking Equipment

PDI Bulk is proud to be a market leader when it comes to technology, service, and safety. Our best-in-class equipment and integrated dispatching and routing technology has allowed us to provide the most efficient and customer-focused service in the market.

We use the latest technology to transfer customer products, including a double pod transfer unit which uses pressurized air to move products from railcars to trucks – which means that no moving parts touch customer products.

Our fully-automated order entry, dispatch, invoicing, and driver settlement system provides direct inventory management and reconciles all inventories in our facilities each day.

Bulk Trucking Technology

We have made it our priority to develop a seamless customer experience with our RF barcode technology for accurate inventory loading, tracking, and invoicing, a customer portal, and more.

Customer Portal

PDI Bulk’s Customer Portal allows our customers to:

  • View paperwork via the Customer Portal
  • Check their inventory
  • Place an order
  • Track deliveries in real time
  • Access paperwork for any order, live or historical
  • Receive automated reports via email
  • Auto-populate bill of ladings and associated paperwork

In-Cab Technology

All of our trucks feature state-of-the-art technology to help dispatch increase routing and improve efficiency. As an early adopter of this technology, we have been able to improve our processes and procedures and have won an Innovator of the Year Award.

Our innovative software provides us with eLogs, scheduled maintenance, ECM live data, and event reporting – and it tracks hard brakes, over-speeding, demurrage, calculations, idling, and more. This helpful information allows us to create driver scorecards for our drivers and driver managers, which helps to encourage safe and fuel-efficient driving.

Truck Enhancements

PDI Bulk trucks feature:

  • Super single tires which improves tire pressure and load capacity
  • Aluminum rims to reduce weight
  • Standardized disc brakes

Yard Security

All PDI Bulk facilities employ security measures, including barbed wire fences and alarm systems. All terminals are equipped with night lighting for safety and security, and all have video surveillance.


We own and operate all of our specialized equipment, trucks, and rail cars and we ensure that they are maintained and cleaned to the highest standards.

Maintenance facilities are located in Montreal, QC and Guelph, ON. Our fleet is monitored by an automated system which directly communicates with dispatch to ensure 100% on-time scheduling of maintenance, repair requests, and annual safeties.

Integrated Transloading Services

PDI Bulk is proud to provide integrated transloading services to move products from bulk trucks to railcars.

Each year, we handle in excess of 1.5 billion lbs of foods, polymers, and chemicals provide a full range of chemical handling services, and transload key ingredients for the food industry.