PDI Bulk Transport tandem tanker truck

PDI Bulk is fully certified by the registration accreditation board (RAB) for the ISO 9001 standard.

PDI Bulk is the only bulk trucking company that is certified for all aspects of our business i.e. trans-loading, packaging, warehousing, and delivery.

This system is based upon the ISO 9001 standard, which are implemented to produce a quality system for all aspects of business operation; furthermore a third party, to retain registration, audits these standards annually.

PDI Bulk has won numerous awards for terminal of the year by various Producers.

We believe in co-operative working relationships with all partners in the distribution supply chain. We strive to continuously improve our systems and procedures with the purpose of ensuring timely, accurate and risk-free handling and distribution of our customers’ products. Our goal is zero contaminations.

For more information on this certification, requirements and standards of practice please click here.

PDI Bulk Trucking on a Mountain Road
PDI Silo Storage