ISO Containers

Our strategically located facility in Guelph, Ontario, and our network of container partners across Canada allows for the housing of a variety of ISO containers in a secure environment.

ISO Container Services

PDI Bulk’s container handler is capable of stacking up to 5 levels of 20’ and 40’ containers. Our chassis are custom-built with super single tires/axles to reduce weight, and we can handle 2 x 20’ ISO containers with a net weight of 20,000 kg.

Additionally, we offer a clean room for inspections of ISO containers. This ‘food grade clean’, indoor, white room offers steam, nitrogen, and dry air.

Our facility also houses a network-monitored, fibre optic camera system that provides digital pictures to our document management system, which is accessible by our customers via the Customer Portal. This integrated system allows for the viewing of all documentation, including bills of lading, inspection forms, customer orders, and it provides overseas customers with the ability to view interior inspections before the ISOs arrive at their facilities.

Our Capabilities Include:

  • Trucking; loaded and empty. Delivery includes pump/air off-load.
  • Drivers trained on chemical bulk and PDI trucks equipped with pumps and compressors
  • Empty lift, ON/OFF
  • Storage, empty and full
  • Washing, caustic and detergent
  • Minor repairs, e.g. frame, valves, etc.
  • Steam heating
  • Nitrogen/Dry Air, transloading, padding
  • Tank storage, FRP, stainless, mild steel, nickel
  • Pump loading and unloading capabilities
  • Waste treatment
  • Railcar unloading and loading capabilities
  • Separate ISO container inspection and repair station