Chemical Transloading

PDI Bulk’s state-of-the-art liquid transloading terminals and range of chemical handling services ensures their safe, secure, and responsible delivery across Canada.

ISO 9001 Accredited Chemical Industry Services

PDI Bulk provides chemical industry customers with ISO 9001 accredited services, an extensive network, specialized technology, and a dedicated team offering unmatched professional support.

We are experts in providing secure and timely service to major commodity consumer market areas.Working with our dedicated freight brokerage division, PDI Logistics, we are able to provide comprehensive logistics services across the country, we are able to offer warehousing, packaging and blending, storage, testing, and the importing and exporting of food products.

Comprehensive Chemical Transloading Services

PDI Bulk operates a modern fleet of specialized equipment and provides state-of-the art liquid transloading that can be customized to meet your requirements.

Our Canada-wide terminal and warehousing network provides rail terminal transloading, bulk trucking, specialized packaging, secure warehousing, distribution, and logistics. Liquid bulk tankers, B-trains, and container chassis give PDI Bulk a significant portfolio of equipment to meet our customers’ needs.

Additionally, we operate hazardous storage locations in Ontario and Quebec, and non-hazardous locations include Alberta and British Columbia.

Chemical Quality

PDI Bulk is ISO 9001 certified by the Registration Accreditation Board for compliance with the Quality Standard for all aspects of our business including:

  • Transloading
  • Packaging
  • Warehousing
  • Delivery
  • Logistics

Achieving this gold standard level of accreditation is something that sets PDI apart. We provide you with peace of mind that your products are being handled and transported appropriately.

Chemical Safety

We have a HAZMAT emergency response team on staff who are trained to NFPA 472 Hazardous Materials Technician Level. Our team handling chemicals are fully trained on the multitude of services we provide, including spill response.

Selected locations are equipped with:

  • Toxic gas sensors that activate an audible alarm summoning an emergency response
  • Hydraulic and/or manual drop-down platforms for fall protection at liquid terminals
  • Safety showers at transloading stations
  • Fixed stations for both railcar and truck loading at all liquid transloading terminals

Chemical Technology

Wherever possible, we utilize dedicated, closed-loop transloading systems when handling liquid chemicals. This helps to reduce the chance of spills, increase safety, and minimize the environmental impact of our operations.

Chemical Logistics

PDI Bulk operates an automated Warehouse Management System to improve the experience for our customers. The benefits of this system include:

  • Viewing paperwork via the Customer Portal
  • Checking inventory
  • Placing an order
  • Tracking deliveries in real time
  • Accessing paperwork for any order, live or historical
  • Receiving automated reports via email
  • Auto-populating bill of ladings and associated paperwork