Polymers : We preload 90% of our customer deliveries!

PDI Bulk handles in excess of 1 billion lbs per year throughout Canada and the USA for the Polymer industry. Products include HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, LLDPE, PP, PET, GPPS, HIPS, ABS, PC-ABS, PC, PVC (rigid and flexible), PVC Pellets, K-RESIN, and more. PDI Bulk offers our customers one stop shopping by offering and expansive and dynamic network of rail to bulk terminals with warehousing, packaging, and logistics capabilities in all key markets in Canada.

polymer-img-400x300PDI Bulk operates an extensive fleet of bulk tankers in Canada that service the Polymer industry. Our tanker fleet is specked to allow PDI Bulk to haul the maximum payload in each location including 77,000 lbs net weight into Michigan and 66,000 lbs into New York state. Dry Bulk Tankers, liquid tankers, B-trains, dump trailers, container chassis, and flat beds give PDI Bulk a fluid portfolio of equipment specialized to our customers needs.

PDI Bulk handles thousands of tons every year for the plastics industry in both import and export work. PDI Bulk can provide de-boxing, de-toting, de-bagging, and delivery of bulk bladder containers for import work. PDI Bulk packages in boxes, totes, bags, and directly into bulk bladder containers for exporting. Specialized services such as blending and screening are also available in select markets. All import / export work is handled by PDI Bulk throughout our network of terminals and received / delivered through the Port of Vancouver, the Port of Montreal, and the Port of Halifax.

We strive to provide a one stop shopping operation that is easy to deal with and provide consistent, quality service that meets and / or exceeds our customer’s expectations. We have continually proved this in the past winning many producer awards for terminal of the year in various locations across Canada.

PDI Bulk is certified by the Registration Accreditation Board (RAB) for compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard for all aspects of our business including:

  • Trans-loading
  • Packaging
  • Warehousing
  • Delivery
  • Logistics


At the bulk transfer terminals PDI Bulk utilizes large, high-capacity, low-thermal loading pumps designed to minimize the creation of angel hairs and streamers in the trans-loading of plastic pellets. PDI Bulk pre-loads our customers’ product which requires fully staffed terminals and in turn delivers more efficient and quality service for our customers.

All of our large terminals include tanker wash facilities staffed by PDI Bulk personnel who follow our ISO 9001:2008 approved quality procedures for washing of tankers. Wash bay facilities are located in Ontario (x2), Quebec (x2), Alberta, and British Columbia. By vertically integrating this function of bulk trucking our customers obtain greater flexibility in delivery times and security from product contamination.

Combine PDI Bulk’s business model with ISO 9001:2008 registered procedures and highly trained and experienced employees and you have a winning combination to deliver quality service to the marketplace.

PDI Bulk has taken the time and effort to conduct thorough risk assessments at our terminals. Safety first! There are many concerns with large transfer terminals i.e. fall protection. We have provided the appropriate facilities and safety measures to ensure our employees, contractors, customers, and suppliers are safe when in any PDI Bulk dry bulk terminal.

Similarly PDI Bulk has taken the initiative to set up the appropriate Health and Safety programs to eliminate risks before they occur at our warehousing and distribution facilities.

At the bulk transfer terminals PDI Bulk utilizes large, high-capacity, low-thermal loading pumps designed to minimize the creation of angel hairs and streamers in the trans-loading of plastic pellets. These units were co-developed by PDI Bulk with the manufacturer and provide the most efficient method of trans-loading plastics while adhering to the quality standards our customers require.
PDI Bulk operates warehousing and packaging facilities in all key markets. Most warehouses with packaging capabilities are rail served; this ensures efficiency of our packaging operation by eliminating a step in the supply chain and packaging directly from customer railcars. PDI Bulk can then warehouse packaged product and ship LTL / T/L as required with our fleet of vans at each location. New packaging systems implemented allow PDI Bulk to package 80 MT into 25 kg bags in an eight-hour shift. Likewise PDI Bulk has efficient boxing lines maximizing weight per carton to reduce material costs. PDI Bulk performs special market packaging applications upon request. Such applications include toting material from railcars/bulk trucks, de-toting material into bulk trucks, and de-bagging material into bulk trucks.

PDI Bulk operates a fully automated warehousing system which utilizes RF technology to track inventory by barcodes. Scanners and tablet PC’s are located on fork trucks and throughout our warehouse for location identification. Shipments are processed by scanning pallets pertaining to each order. The system does not allow the wrong material to be picked. This system provides full-computerized tracking and invoicing of customer warehoused product.