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Trucks & Equipment

We use best in-class trucks & equipment to increase service, efficiency and safety.

Currently, we use several different tools to help us achieve…

iso-tank carrier
In-cab Technology:

We use this high-end technology in all our trucks to help dispatch increase routing and efficiency’s. We were an early adopter of this technology in 2009 and have since improved our processes and procedures and have gone on to win the Innovator of the Year Award in 2011. This innovative software is in all our trucks and helps us with eLogs, scheduled maintenance, ECM live data, event reporting as well as track hard brakes, over-speeding, demurrage, calculations, idling, etc. It also allows us to take all this information and create reporting for drivers and driver managers.

Using IT technology to save fuel: Driver Scorecards
Each PDI Bulk driver receives a driver scorecard every 2 weeks included in their pay envelope. This helps us track, highlight and improve efficient and safe driving.

Vehicle Specifications:

  • PDI Bulk was one of the first bulk fleets in Canada to switch all local tractors to automatic transmissions
  • PDI Bulk was one of the early adopters of super singles.
  • Aluminum rims to save weight.
  • PDI Bulk only buys engines made by PACCAR at the Mississippi plant. This decision is directly related to the quality of components that serve to increase intervals and fuel economy
  • PDI Bulk is one of the few bulk fleets standardizing on disc brakes.

Safety Measures

Zero injuries, zero health impacts and zero environmental incidents.
Superior top-notch trucks and machinery, well-maintained to get the job done!