PDI is a national supplier of transport and logistic solutions. We have offices across the country, and are always looking for talented individuals to join our team.


From our humble beginnings we have always boasted strong core values and a friendly and positive environment – we offer a place to learn and grow.

PDI began in 1988 with one tractor, a couple of trailers and a warehouse working out of Milton, Ontario. PDI has come a long way from there – PDI has grown exponentially over the years combining one of Canada’s largest bulk trucking fleets with the largest collection of privately owned and/or operated rail terminals in the country.
Our people power our growth.


We are committed to meet all Health & Safety requirements for our employees to ensure they are kept safe by providing a safe work environment, training and following proven protocols.

Our top-priority is to keep our staff safe with proper and regular training, as well as, using quality, top-of-the-line equipment that is regularly maintained and updated.

PDI prides itself on it’s long with-standing relationships built on integrity and trust due to our reliability, best practices and ethical business model.

We are committed to providing a positive encouraging environment that promotes growth, team building and inclusiveness. Our business does not exist without our people.

Our staff are trained using the best and most current technology for truck and logistic/product tracking, allowing us to be the most efficient in the business.

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We are hiring and looking for talented, motivated and positive people to join our team! We pride ourselves on being a Canadian company, hiring the right people, and building a team atmosphere. Our business is driven by our people!

If you’d like to work for a growing Canadian company in a positive, fast-paced and professional environment, with competitive compensation, benefits and a inclusive, welcoming corporate culture, please see our current job openings below or send us an email with your resume to –


PDI will succeed into the future by ensuring that our customer’s and employee’s succeed. We will accomplish this by driving the concept of continuous, never-ending improvement in all areas of our business. This concept has always profoundly resonated through our company’s culture. We will strive to constantly improve our value-added offerings to our customers. Our combination of industry knowledge and experience, leading-edge technology and commitment to improving our customers’ supply chains, will ensure our continued position as their distribution partner of choice.


With head offices, terminals & warehousing locations across the country, we employ a far-reaching national network that stretches from Vancouver to the Maritimes. We are the premier bulk distribution company that can accommodate your business from A-Z in the supply chain.