Value Added Services

We go over and above normal protocols and checks and balances to ensure high quality shipping and storage services are maintained and customer service expectations are exceeded. Our goal is to lead in logistical and environmental processes and procedures by excelling in a few key areas.

PDI Bulk handles thousands of tons every year for the plastics industry in both import and export work. PDI Bulk can provide de-boxing, de-toting, de-bagging, and delivery of bulk bladder containers for import work. PDI Bulk packages in boxes, totes, bags, and directly into bulk bladder containers for exporting. Specialized services such as blending and screening are also available in select markets. All import / export work is handled by PDI Bulk throughout our network of terminals and received / delivered through the Port of Vancouver, the Port of Montreal, and the Port of Halifax.

Yard Security: Measures & Technology

All PDI Bulk facilities include security measures such as barb wire fences and modern alarm systems. All terminals are equipped with night lighting for safety and security and all terminals are patrolled by professional security officers.

Maintenance: Maintenance facilities are located in Montreal, QC and Guelph, ON. Our fleet is monitored by an automated system ‘shop link’ which directly communicates with dispatch which ensures 100% on-time scheduling of PM maintenance, repair requests, and annual safeties.

PDI  Bulk Victoria Road Yard

Reliable Service

A-1 processes & procedures to ensure we meet your needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Working with clients to create logistical solutions.