Polymers & Quality

PDI Bulk is certified by the Registration Accreditation Board (RAB) for compliance with the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standard for all aspects of our business including:

  • Trans-loading
  • Packaging
  • Warehousing
  • Delivery
  • Logistics

54352453453-(15)At the bulk transfer terminals PDI Bulk utilizes large, high-capacity, low-thermal loading pumps designed to minimize the creation of angel hairs and streamers in the trans-loading of plastic pellets. PDI Bulk pre-loads our customers’ product which requires fully staffed terminals and in turn delivers more efficient and quality service for our customers.

All of our large terminals include tanker wash facilities staffed by PDI Bulk personnel who follow our ISO 9001:2000 approved quality procedures for washing of tankers. Wash bay facilities are located in Ontario (x2), Quebec (x2), Alberta, and British Columbia. By vertically integrating this function of bulk trucking our customers obtain greater flexibility in delivery times and security from product contamination.

Combine PDI Bulk’s business model with ISO 9001:2000 registered procedures and highly trained and experienced employees and you have a winning combination to deliver quality service to the marketplace.

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