We practice sustainable business values and model  ecologically responsible practices. We hold oursleves and our practices to the highest and most responsible protocols.

PDI Bulk operates an extensive fleet of bulk tankers and trucks that are outfitted with the best equipment and technology to ensure we are operating at high efficiency and effectiveness, help to reduce fuel consumption, travel time and contain pellet spill and safe transfer of goods.

We have partnered with reputable environmental agency’s and follow their strict requirements of the chemical and plastics industries. We are ISO-9001-2015 Certified, follow the Responsible Distribution guidelines set-up by the Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors, and participate in the Clean Sweep Campaign stringently developed by the Canadian Plastics Industry Association to stop pellet loss.

We have an on-site environmental staff that helps us to maintain these environmental standards at all our facilities and improve processes and procedures, integrate equipment and practices that will help to decrease our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

We echo Sustainability, Safety and Product Stewardship in our processes. procedures and our company’s mission.