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Category Archives: Staff

Meet Harold Bezemer

On The Road Again Article: Some people are born into royalty, riches, or fame. Harold Bezemer was born into a truck driving family and was destined to be a truck driver.  His family owned Bezco Trucking and it stayed in the family until 2016 when it was sold after his uncle retired. The way Harold tells it, the job chose him.

By Rose Dunn-Kehl | October 23, 2016

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Meet Scott Gardner

On The Road Again Article: People choose to become highway drivers for a lot of different reasons. There is just something about big rigs, a big sky and an open highway.  It’s like a calling.  Those who choose truck driving for a career are usually lucky enough to love their jobs. They are happy with what they are doing and not everyone can say that about their work. The driver we are profiling today is one of those guys.  He just can’t picture himself doing anything but driving a truck…something he decided as a kid and the fascination is still with him.

Meet Scott Gardner…Scotty to his friends.

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Meet Will Fisher

On The Road Again Article: First Driver Interview – I waited at the PDI Bulk gate for driver Will Fisher to arrive back from Buffalo.  Will is driving a 2013 Kenworth T134.  PDI Bulk does not slip seat trucks, so Will drives the same truck every day.  It’s been his since it was new and together they have experienced 255,000 kms of road.  T134 is a day cab, which means this truck is used for short hauls.  Will Fisher has been with PDI Bulk for nine years.  He started in 2007 as a dry bulk tanker driver in the pellet division, but moved quickly into the chemical liquid division.  When I talked with Will, he vividly remembers his first PDI Bulk driver trainer, Al Dee, and the influence on him.  Al has retired from PDI Bulk, but still drops in to visit the staff here and attend company barbeques.

By Rose Dunn

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